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The Mission of Healing at the Root

We work together to release and transmute existing trauma, depression, unhealthy familial cycles, stored painful emotions and spiritual imbalance- in order to heal at the root by addressing mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, energetic, ancestral, environmental, familial and every day practical aspects of health. We aim to manifest holistic healing and personal transformation in your mind, body and spirit. To be achieved by integrating tools, practices, behavior + lifestyle changes, rituals, spiritual counseling & intuitive coaching, energy healing treatments and supportive guidance . To deepen spiritual connection and understand the spiritual messages behind your pain and give you the tools and support to be an active agent in transforming your health, give birth to your true self, and gain clarity on your soul’s purpose.

Coming from a space of deep understanding of the journey and using the tools that helped me to heal myself from these very concerns as well as my skills as a healing practitioner & intuitive spiritual counselor, I provide holistic healing support to those in my community struggling with depression, darkness, trauma, and/or spiritual imbalances and support them in becoming whole. There is power in healing ourselves. It's what we've always done in our communities, and I am adamant about reviving those ways of 'alternative healing' inside of a system that doesn't seem to be too vested in our actual healing

This 6-month program is designed for black, indigenous and POC women who are dealing with depression, mental health imbalances, unhealed childhood wounds, trauma, or spiritual crisis who feel a deeper knowing that something bigger is trying to emerge and be unearthed but:

  • feel that conventional medical responses to mental health struggles don't fully resonate for you

  • are seeking a holistic healing approach outside of the medical industrial complex that supports healing at a deeper and more comprehensive level

  • are unsure of how to move through these struggles and want a guide to support you along the journey

  • are ready to stand in courage and be an active agent in your healing journey to transform how you experience life and get free

NOTE: as a former birth and postpartum doula, I also have a parallel program focused on mothers, contact me for details on that if you are on the mothering journey and needing support for your mental and emotional wellness.

This 6 month program includes:

  • An Individualized Healing Plan of Action that we co-create together to reflect  your identified concerns and healing goals

  • 12 x 3 hour Reiki Healing and Spiritual Counseling sessions in my home healing space 

  • 11 x 1 hour Caring Accountability and Support Check-in Sessions 

  • 1 x 6 hour Private Deepening Day at my home healing space

  • My trainings + personal experience in healing myself to guide you in being in action around your healing intentions and normalize the process

    • Development of relevant holistic practices, exercises, lifestyle and behavior change tools and support in implementing and incorporating them into your life

    • Ongoing provision of resources/practices/exercises + lifestyle & behavior change & self-love tools

    • Rituals + deepening of spiritual practices

    • Intuitive Coaching

    • Support with creating a life-long regimen of self-care practices

    • Tracking of progress towards weekly plans, victories and successes and support moving through bumps that arise

  • Reiki Level I Training & Attunement at program culmination for continued self-healing work

  • Gifts, surprises and goodies along the way

  • Loving and consistent sisterhood, support and motivation

The Healing at the Root 6-month Program is delivered in 4 stages:

Establish Solid Ground

  • Co-create a healing plan for a beautiful 6 months together

  • Creating powerful healing intentions and commitment

  • Getting clear on patterns, pain and beliefs to be released and path to create new  habits and beliefs

  • Begin our healing session rhythm together

  • Begin implementation of practices and exercises

Invoking Trust in Self

  • Become the courageous self-healer you truly are and ground in your power

  • Release the burden of your past

  • Activate a heightened awareness of your life’s beauty

Agency of Self-Love  & Awareness

  • Master-level learning about your particular place in the universe and the peace you can feel through your connection to life itself

  • Get to the root of your fear, trauma and pain - understand how it manifests in your life now- and how to weed it out with Current Life Regression

  • Become new – master new self-care practices/tools and resources 

  • Create a new normal: shift unhealthy habits and patterns through direct intentional action

  • Cultivate deep awareness of the higher purpose of the pain and the spiritual lessons underneath 

  • Transmute pain to power


  • Manifest a personal and deeper relationship to the Creator and the Spirit that guides all life and activate your inner guidance system

  • Integrate what you’ve learned to continue supporting your journey through life

  • Spearhead the breaking unhealthy generational cycles within family system

  • A knowing that you now can alchemize any future challenges that arise

  • Receive Reiki Level 1 Attunement

  • Celebrate your accomplishments

The Intentional Result for Healing at the Root is that you feel as if you have come home to your true self and are not weighed down by your pain any longer. Instead you feel as if your pain activated your light and have deep gratitude for the lessons and healings it provided. You no longer feel lost or crazy. You feel as if the old you has died and a new version has been birthed. You have more control of your thoughts with more balanced emotions and a deeper connection to Spirit. At the culmination of this program, the intention is for you to be in an empowered rhythm of caring for yourself in mind, body, and spirit. You are clear why you are here and what your soul came to do. You may have even have birthed the inner healer in you.

Click here to book a Complimentary Healing at the Root Consultation

In this session you will gain clarity on what might be causing your emotional pain, and clear steps you can take to heal and transmute it at its root. We will also discuss if one of my Healing At the Root programs is a good fit for you right now. After you fill out the short application (by following the link) you will be sent a link to book a time for your complimentary session in my calendar.

There is also a 1-year program for more ongoing support.