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(Initials used at times to respect privacy of clients)

“My daughter was struggling with depression and anxiety.  She was seeing a therapist but did not appear to be making headway. At one time, she did not want to get out of bed.  Her depression was all consuming. She would not eat. Her weight loss was alarming. She saw a therapist and a psychiatrist for medication.

 When she left for her senior year of college, I was worried. I  reached out to a close friend who knew Selomé. I initially called and spoke to Selomé about my daughter.  I told her that I hoped she’d be able to graduate and then to travel to the far east, which was her dream after graduation.  I asked my daughter to speak to Selomé to see what she thought about utilizing her methods and joining her healing program. She looked at Selome’s website.  They spoke for almost two hours. My daughter agreed to trying her and seemed hopeful. She said, “I just want to feel like myself again”.  Thus, began her journey, our journey, with Selomé.    

Over the next 6 months, I saw a transformation of my daughter’s moods.  Slowly, the girl I always knew began to emerge. Selomé was so patient as she walked with my daughter through the journey of rediscovering herself so that depression and anxiety did not rule her life.  My daughter began to eat regularly again. I began to see the spark in her eyes. Selomé spoke to her often, almost daily. She met my daughter where she was at and helped her find herself. It was a challenging time for my daughter and our family.  The journey was not easy. There could have had a very different outcome in this story. My daughter continues to practice what she learned. I am very grateful to Selomé and most of all to God for how he used  her to help my daughter.” - B.R.

"I am very grateful for my time working with Selome in her healing program. This work has supported one of the greatest transformations I have yet to experience! The healing and counseling sessions helped me heal intergenerational trauma within myself and unlocked my ability to conduct ancestral and intergenerational healing within my family. These processes challenged me but were very transformative. I also feel as if I have taken control of my mind again and have cast down fears and negative thought patterns that were debilitating. I also had excessive intrusive sexual and violent thoughts that I could not or did not think I could control for two years. My work with Selome revealed to me that I empathically took on energies that were not mine and I diligently worked to rid these energies with Selome’s healing support and guidance along with committing to daily practices.  I learned that these thoughts were connected to ancestral/lineage healing around sexual trauma. I used to think I was crazy but feel so much better now and feel as though I'm getting to live my best life as well as do deep healing work!  Not only did the violent and debilitating thoughts stop, I also worked to rid low self-esteem and low confidence, center my own care and love, and be where I feel comfortable and free. I learned to trust myself. It was not easy, it was painful at times, but it has birthed one of the best versions of myself where I can truly experience content! I am deeply in awe of this work because of how simple it is or can be and the power I generated doing it. Working with her allowed me to see the ways in which I can produce changes in my environment, relationships, and habits that lead to a greater sense of being emotionally, spiritually, physically. It also provided me with practices that affirmed my experiences leading me to have greater self-confidence and direction. My time working with Selome and hard work on my part did exactly what I needed to manifest the new, real me! I am grateful to know Selome which occurred through a referral from a good friend who worked with her as well. Words cannot truly express how it feels to have done this work. I look forward to my continued work with Selome!" - P.R.  

"When I signed up for Selome's healing program, I was moving through some hard, life-changing experiences, feeling intense growing pains and depression. To Selome, I would open up like I could to no one else. Like a therapist and healer wrapped up in one, she helped me experience and identify spiritual links to physical and emotional pain, and together we curated solutions and practices specifically for me. Through all the hardships I'd experienced, through the insecurities, and clouded judgements, Selome helped me find myself. I experienced shifts in areas I had struggled with for years. She invested in me, she tailored her methods to me, she guided me to more clearly recognize this journey I am on, and how healing comes when I commit to thinking of my decisions and experiences more holistically. Most importantly, Selome provided me with tools to continue thriving beyond our work together. I'm so thankful to have this wonderful healer human in my life!" - Nkenna I.

"Working with Selome has been life-changing. I never knew it was possible for me to really heal my depression, but she makes it so accessible with her Healing at the Root Program. Working with her I was able to uproot some deep pain and trauma from my childhood and unhealthy family patterns and see how it impacted my mental and emotional health for years. We started working to change the patterns and energetically change the subconscious beliefs connected to them. I was able to start to actually heal things and see real changes in one month that I had been talking about with my psychotherapist for one year! I also learned how being a highly sensitive person impacts my health and ways to work with it. I have developed a deeper self love and have learned practices to care for myself that have supported my well-being, something I was never able to hook into before. I feel like a weight has been lifted from me and I don't feel stuck and constantly anxious like I used to. I now know that I am protected and have started connecting with my ancestors in a beautiful way. My habits have changed and its’ been amazing to see how the practices I do (or don’t do) can have a direct impact on my health! Everything she does, from the healing sessions to the counseling to the accountability to the guidance on what practices would be helpful to shift something to the spiritual connections within everything is exactly what I needed to really get on the other side of my pain. I'm so grateful I met her and had the opportunity to do this work. And trust me, it takes WORK on my part but it was amazing to see the changes over time. Selome is so intuitive and really able to piece things together for you, so eventually you start seeing and doing it for yourself. I felt so safe and so affirmed working with her. I wish everyone I knew could work with her! -N.A.

"I feel extreme gratitude for having found Selome. I've suffered with anxiety and depression for many years, but hesitated to look for help because I felt it would be hard to find someone with a compatible mental health framework and who also understood the impact of broader structural and social issues on my/our lives. After having a profound Reiki  session with Selome at a Harriet's Apothecary Healing Village,  I absolutely loved her approach and wonderful energy, and knew she was  who I wanted/needed to work with. Selome's healing program is so thoughtful, intentional,  and rich with resources. I have experienced many shifts since I started working with Selome.  She has helped me on a long path to get grounded in my truth and helped me figure out practices that support my well- being mental, physical, and spiritual. This has helped tremendously with my anxiety and depression through building ongoing practices that help me get unstuck . I've also gotten much braver in communicating my needs and reclaiming my agency and joy.  Selome has such wisdom to share and a wonderful balance of being a great listener who is easy to talk to, yet she knows when to provide insight and when to challenge me to grow a little more. I have already  highly recommended Selome and her program to several people close to me (who signed up and now love her too!-) and would extend that recommendation to anyone who is looking for guidance in a  sustainable, holistic health practice." - Sonia S.

"I've seen Selome a few times for reiki sessions and it has been quite powerful to get energy work from her. It is really easy to talk to her before the session. She's open and calm and she asks a lot of questions that help you get to what your intention for the session might be. She's really gentle and warm and her energy work is incredibly powerful. How I experience it is as warm energy currents traveling my body, constantly. The first time I got reiki from Selome I felt really happy and calm, as if a huge weight had been removed. I gained clarity about some things that were heavy on my mind. I also had a beautiful dream that evening that gave me much clarity about my healing path. The second time I saw Selome, I focused on physical manifestations of the stress I was feeling. For me, stress sometimes shows up as stomach pain. Selome spent a lot of time working on my center chakra and that helped a lot. That session was really beautiful because after she was done working on me, while I was resting, I felt spiral energy that traveled my body and a pull from my crown to the bottom of my spine, and felt my energy centers re-set. I also noticed that my stomach no longer hurts! Since our session I have also been having a lot of dreams with beautiful pieces of wisdom ever since." - Monica E. 

"After my Reiki Level 1 attunement & training with Selome, I feel really amazing and more energized throughout the day. I've also been more sensitive to the energy of people & situations, and can hear my intuition more loudly.  I feel l happy, joyful & connected in a way that feels vaguely familiar...like this is how I felt early in my childhood. I now feel the sense that I am loved and can now feel the support of the divine powers and my ancestors. I feel a deeper sense of trust with where I am in the universe & in my path. I feel a lot calmer.  I no longer feel anxious about not being somewhere I want to be. I practice Reiki on myself every day and I can really feel my vibration improving daily. I do Reiki daily before bed since my attunement and have noticed much better quality sleep. I do Reiki when I feel stressed or overwhelmed and can find a place of calm focus. I've also used it for pain management after a medical procedure and it felt so wonderful to be able to heal myself instead of taking medication. I feel an expanding sense of joy gratitude for this practice, and for Selome. I'm so grateful she shared this wonderful gift with me." - Shale M.

"My first Reiki session took place in Panama in Selome's tranquil home healing space. When I entered the healing space, I felt an immediate sense of calm; the environment was very soothing. While she was treating me, I felt various sensations throughout my body and felt as if my spirit was being elevated. I had an "out of body" experience. A little time after the session ended, I was still laying on the table and began to feel movement in my nasal and sinus area; it felt as if something was being pulled out. I woke up out of my calm state and burst into tears. I felt as if I had released some heavy emotional weight that I was carrying and felt very cleared up; I felt a certain lightness after the session. But the best part is that the next day, for the first time in years, I didn't have to take my allergy medication! The movement I was feeling in my nasal area was apparently clearing up my allergies!  I also felt an overall sense of clarity and release in general. I can't say enough about this experience and how incredible it was. I'm a new fan of Reiki healing and would recommend Selome to anyone."- Dashira H. 

“My experience receiving Reiki with Selome has been truly amazing. There were times when I felt as if I was not in this dimension, tapping into the spiritual world in a way that I've never experienced before. I was visited by ancestors for the first time in my life during my first session. I'm still unable to put into words how this felt, but they spoke to me with helpful messages and I could see and feel them as if they were in the room. It was mindblowing. I still connect with them even beyond the sessions with her. It was very emotional because I've wanted to connect with them for a long time. I could feel myself opening up to them and to the energy work more and more. There were times when I felt myself releasing things I've been holding all of my life, feeling the energy actually leaving my body. I feel as if those things aren't with me anymore and feel a consistent peace in me. Selome is a gentle guide and truly has divine hands. I'm so grateful I am able to work with her.” -  Dani K.  

"I came to Selome for Reiki and counseling as I was struggling with some depression and a feeling of stuck-ness in my life. After just a few sessions, I felt great improvement in how I felt. She offered many tools which I found very helpful. I appreciated her joyful, gentle presence, and her sense of humor. While it typically takes me awhile to warm up to new people, I felt at ease with her almost immediately. The Reiki experience I had with Selome was so powerful, I could feel my energy and vibration improving. After our sessions I felt so loved and happy and joyful. Selome does more than just a session, she listens deeply and offers kindness and empathy. She is very loving, and working with her I felt like she was personally invested in my healing and recovery." - Shale M. 

"During my first Reiki session with Selome, I felt deeply cared for, comfortable, and safe. Her sacred space where the session was held was inspiring and brought me to a place of calm and relaxation as I prepared for my first experience with Reiki. At the time of our session, I was at a major time of transition and uncertainty in my life. I left the session feeling the deepest sense of peace and trust that everything was working itself out exactly as it needed to. The impact was much more clear and palatable than I had imagined it would be! During the experience and afterwards, it was like I had fully embodied my highest self here on earth, and experienced my own profound wisdom. Selome is truly a talented and loving healer. Even though we had just met, I felt genuinely cared for, encouraged and loved throughout the process. I could not recommend her any more highly!"- Isissa K.

"One of my biggest concerns is that I am constantly thinking and my mind is always wandering and moving, which was causing me to have insomnia. When the Reiki session began, I felt the energy circle around my head and felt pressure and release from my mind. I was actually able to fall asleep that night! After the session I started having vivid dreams and my emotions were so raw. I actually had to stay in the house for 2 days to write and release all of the energy. Since then I am a lot calmer and my thoughts do not run my life or my head. I cannot wait until the next session!!!"  -Din B.

"Working with Selome was sooo integral for some major realizations and changes within me. The visions and insights from my ancestors the Reiki allowed me to see, and her patience, support and belief in me has all been life-changing, inspirational and mood-lifting. There were many things that occurred during the Reiki sessions that I never would have imagined, previously thinking I wasn't "energy-sensitive". Reflecting on the practices and assignments she gave me, I'm reminded that the magic is in the *daily* practices, but also in having the support that helps you initiate them. I'm so thankful for everything."  - Marta B.

"In my reiki experience with Selome I felt safe, protected, and challenged (in a good way). The physical sensations I experienced during are still hard to name/describe. I remember a period where it felt like my arms were like sand bags and my chest/belly area was weightless. I was definitely surprised by the different sensations I felt and emotions that came up. Since the session, I feel calmer and more patient and gentle toward myself. I feel an openness in my right chest where I’ve had a lot of tightness the last few months and with that more ability to breathe into discomfort. Also, I’ve been thinking about the conversation we had beforehand. I feel like I was able to open up to the reiki much more than I would have been able to without it. I appreciated Selome sharing the parts of her journey that she could relate to in my story and especially the questions she posed to me. I am continuing to grapple with them. I feel so grateful to have had this experience." - Natalie M. 

“Working with Selome was one of the most rewarding experiences. I learned a lot about myself. I really felt lighter after each session, and deeply tuned in to issues and negativity that’s been bothering me my whole life. Before, I was very withdrawn and really afraid to feel the depth of my emotions. After each session I began to open up more. This made me figure out a reason for being here in the world.”- Taylor W.

"My reiki session with Selome was the first time I've ever experienced reiki energy work. I can truly say my time with her was nothing short of amazing. Selome's warm and caring aura made me feel like I was in a safe space and literally right at home. I could feel the loving energy radiating through her. During the session I felt a force moving throughout my whole body like the current of a body of water. It felt like I was tapping in to the spiritual realm and receiving a cleansing. I had to take a minute to come back down to earth after the session. I also appreciated how open she was to answering my questions about what was happening. That gave me a lot of reassurance and insight. Selome definitely has gifted hands and a beautiful spirit." - Chante C.

"This summer, I had my first Reiki session. After that, everything changed for me. I was drawn to Selome because I was curious about reiki and she had come so highly recommended. When I met her I immediately felt at home. She was patient in listening to the areas in my life that I wanted to work on, and really made me feel understood. During my reiki session I felt calm and fully present. It was incredibly interesting to feel Selome's energy around and over me. I felt my energy charging through my body even when she was not touching me. It was a totally new feeling to sense energy course through my body in this way. During my session I told Selome that I wanted to work on loving myself more. I had an amazing time during the session and in the weeks after, everything in my life started to shift in a big way. I faced oppression and emotional abuse in my everyday life that spurred me on to make some drastic changes that lead me to moving to a new city and starting a new life. On my journey to self love, through my work with Selome I learned more about what is important in life and was able to see my circumstances in a fresh and brand new way. Working with her opened up some big lessons I needed to learn. I'm very thankful for my time with Selome - everyone should meet her. When you see someone doing something that they were truly meant to do its awe- inspiring. Selome is meant to be a reiki healer and I consider myself fortunate to have been able to work with her." - Lauren K. 

"Since I live in the UK, I opted for one of Selome's Distance Healing Sessions. At the appointed time, I laid down and did some deep breathing. I began to feel light pressure and movement along my neck and behind my ears, and a soothing clarity in my head. My whole being felt enveloped in a safe, loving space. I felt the muscles in particular problem areas begin to relax. I've honestly never felt anything like it. After the session was finished, Selome called me and talked me through the experience. She explained to me the sensations she had in relation to particular chakras and sent me information on how to continue working on opening those chakras between sessions. It was such a great experience and I'm looking forward to many more." - Zhaleh B.

"I find sessions with Selome to be a transformative experience, she is truly remarkable and a genuine healer. After just 20 minutes of a sample session with her I could feel tremendous shifts within myself. The day after I was compelled to pick up a brush and paint which I have not done in a very long time. I returned for more sessions with Selome after that one. Not only do I receive reiki energy healing in a session that I can actually feel making a change in my physical body, but I am also able to enter into an altered state of mind and receive many answers as well as insights that are very helpful to my health and well being. The atmosphere of the room is very relaxing and Selome plays the most beautiful soothing music that helps you let go and open up."- Jitka K.

“Immediately following my session with Selome, I felt an overwhelming and unconditional happiness, a very different feeling than I had prior to the session.  I literally could not stop laughing afterward. I felt weightless as if she had released a valve within me that controlled the pass-way to my inner joy.  It was unexpected and powerful. Selome was professional and nurturing.  She explained the process and explained what I might expect to experience.  She was kind and patient and allowed room for whatever may have come up.  Her energy is calm and peaceful and she is wise and most importantly I felt protected. After the session ended, she provided time and space for me to process what I experienced and explained to me the things she felt during our session, and what it meant. Selome is a healer, a sort of latchkey Goddess if you will, and can help you unlock the door to your inner peace and joy, and guide you along the way in your journey". - Conrado D.

"Reiki with Selome has opened my mind in connecting with my body in ways that I didn't realize were necessary for listening to my self and my soul. Discovering ways of being that can nurture my life force that I didn't have the awareness of and also didn't take the time to feel. During the sessions I have seen, heard and felt sensations that have allowed me to build a relationship with myself that is transformative. Selome's grounded and nurturing guidance allowed me to trust my own body's wisdom and create room that has helped me listen to my intuition and create intentions that I am in the process of practicing." - Mercy C. 

"From our initial meeting with Selome, it was love at first sight. (Actually, I had meetings scheduled with two other doulas and canceled them because I knew right away that she was the right choice for us.) She made it very comfortable in the helpful meetings we had before the birth; she had compiled all the most important information for us and then went over everything carefully, thoroughly and happily answering all our questions along the way (and my husband asked A LOT of questions!).When it came to the actual birth, she was by our side the whole time. My labor process ended up being long; however, having her by my side made me stay calm, focused and positive. Despite not having slept, she maintained her sense of calm, joy and an unbelievable level of strength. She also had many different techniques she used to help me get through the contractions, including meditation, visualization, light exercises and movement, position changes, massages, coaching me with encouraging words, breathing support and more. She was encouraging through each one, even when my response was not as positive. My husband also greatly appreciated having her there, as she could help guide him in how to best support me (which he asked for) and could also give him a break. The two of them made an incredible team that I put all of my trust in. Even after the birth (and spending the night with us in the hospital), she checked in to make sure everything is okay and visited us at home and offered more support. I could go on and on about Selome, her skills, her warmth, and the love we feel for her... We could not be any happier with our choice to have a doula, and we appreciate Selome so much. She is a professional who is dedicated to your birth process from start to finish. If we have another baby, she's the first person we will call, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a sweet and gentle yet powerful woman by their side."  - S. Aminmadani

"My husband and I met Selome through a doula collective in New York, and immediately knew that she was the right choice. Our first impression was that she had the perfect balance of warmth and kindness, along with assertiveness and courage. She immediately proved that first impressions are sometimes spot on! Selome is caring, intelligent, punctual, professional, compassionate, reassuring, supportive and willing to do anything above and beyond what one would normally expect from a total stranger. She balances her deep and wise spirituality with a firm understanding of the practical realities of the world. Working with her is easy because she's an expert communicator who knows that listening is job number one. She was a tremendous help in preparing our birth plan. During labor she was right there with me and made me feel extremely comforted and capable. She employed different practices that would help with the labor process. I really could not have done it without her! Post birth, it was amazing to have someone to discuss and process everything that had happened. It really helped me process all of the emotions and physical changes that took place. She even came and helped us in our frantic state having never cared for a baby before bringing ours home. Having shared this experience with Selome, we now consider her a part of our family. We'll never forget how much she helped us bring our first child into the world and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with a baby on the way!"-  A. Fletcher

"Meeting Selome was one of the best decisions I made regarding my birth. As I prepared for labor, I knew I wanted to have a great support person, besides my husband, during the hardest task that I would have to face in my life.  From the moment that my husband and I met Selome, we knew that she was the perfect fit for us. She is very caring, spiritual, open minded, humble, and mainly supportive and respectful.  Selome made herself available at all times for us, she provided us with a lot of very informative material that helped us prepare for labor, as well as postpartum. On the big day, Selome came to my home during my early labor; she helped set a relaxing stage at home with music and aromas.  She encouraged me to exercise to get contractions going.  Together we took long trail walks in the park, danced Zumba at home, which helped bring my baby down. Selome made sure that I stayed hydrated and fed and rested when I needed. She also gave me amazing massages and tried to make me feel as relaxed and rested as possible. Due to our hard work at home, when I arrived at the hospital I was 5cm dilated. Since the progress  of my labor was much slower in the hospital, I decided to get an epidural due to get rest. Selome was very supportive of each decision that I made and kept reminding me of the things and procedures that I previously expressed that I wanted to have and avoid. In the hospital, she continued to care for me physically and emotionally. She was a great liaison between the hospital staff and myself. She was there for us from the beginning of my labor until hours after my baby was born. She also provided me with postpartum support. I feel very grateful to have her as part of my birthing experience and I highly recommend her for her caring and supportive personality." - J. Marek

"I was pregnant with my first child when I met Selome. At the time, I was looking for ways to make a deeper connection with my baby and to develop a better understanding of my body. I was also seeking support for some difficult decisions I was making with regard to planning and preparing for the labor to come. Selome turned out to be exactly what I was seeking! The experience of energy healing with Selome was calming, peaceful, relational, and deepening. I felt that I could let go and feel supported and safe. She held the space really well, allowing me to open myself to the experience. In this state, I found greater confidence in my ability to make the difficult decisions I was facing regarding my birth with a stronger sense of truth. I witnessed my true being and that of my baby in a way that would have been impossible without Selome's support and guidance. I would recommend Selome most highly to anyone who is seeking relief, release, and guidance in finding your personal truth. She truly is a wonderful and gifted reiki healer"- A. Fletcher

"Having Selome as our doula was extremely helpful. When I met her at a doula meet and greet I intuitively knew she would be a good fit for us because of her calm energy and her more mind body-focused techniques to child birth which really resonated with me. Since this was our first child it was extremely beneficial for us to have someone to help us mentally prepare for the birth ahead of time. Selome’s prenatal visits were great as she explained things to us in a way that was easy for us to both understand. She also helped a lot with our birth plan by walking us step by step through an example of one, patiently explaining what each thing meant and she even provided us with a template that we could easily update which was super helpful especially since I was so busy planning other things and prepping for baby. She always made herself available if I had a question in between our prenatal visits. I really loved how she made my boyfriend and I feel at ease and I feel having her as part of our birth team really helped give my boyfriend the support and confidence he needed since he knew that we would have her there as part of our birthing team. It definitely took some pressure of him while also allowing him to be an active participant in the birth of our child. I had some fear around giving birth come up for me as the day got nearer so Selome helped me ease those fears by sending me birth affirmations, a mediation and she even did some reiki energy work a few weeks prior to my birth to help me work through some anxiety I was having. On the day I started having labor contractions she came while I was still in early labor and she helped me work through the contractions with various postures, breath work, visualizations, mantras , aromatherapy and light massage. Having her around as my contractions got stronger and more uncomfortable was so valuable and she was right by my side the whole time helping me work through the pain especially when I felt I couldn’t take it any longer. She was a great labor coach to both me and my boyfriend who I think otherwise may have been a little overwhelmed when things got a bit more intense. It also provided him time to rest in between. She really listened to what I said I needed during the whole long process and made sure that my birth plan wishes were honored as much as possible by the hospital birth team. Another really great thing about Selome was that she checked in on me a few times after my labor and we talked a few times over the phone to help me process some things I was feeling and going through post labor.  You can tell she really cares about her clients and takes her job seriously but with a warm touch. I would highly recommend her and I am happy we chose her as our doula." -Angelica P.

"My mom and I had booked Reiki sessions with Selome at the Harriet's Apothecary Healing Village event in Brooklyn with no prior knowledge of her work or reference. We were immediately drawn to her genuine love for her work and openness to people. We left feeling relaxed and relieved by the opportunity to pause for a moment. I made another appointment with Selome, for myself, and ended up diving way deeper than I had the first session, deeper than I ever expected to during a Reiki session. I felt noticeably transported, my mind wandered and I noticed sensations in myself, pressures, heat, coolness, waves of energy flowing through my body, even elevation of my chest ( my heart, we later identified). It was quite a trip that she guided me through, so much so, that I fell into a deep relaxation and sleep that lasted for an hour and a half. Selome knows people and is very attuned to and honest about her own practice, which makes the space she creates feel safe and welcoming. Something I really appreciate about Selome is that she makes herself available to her clients after sessions have happened, which has been really important for me, because even two weeks after my last session, I am still remembering feelings and thinking through the experiences I felt during. I've returned more than once and highly recommend Selome!" - Assefash M. 

"I met with Selome for my first Reiki session and it was such a positive experience. I felt very comfortable with Selome, and I really appreciated how she explained Reiki and her process before we began. During the session, I experienced warm tingling sensations on my arms and head. My mind was racing with a bunch of thoughts, but then my head felt calm. The session was really beautiful, where my body underwent physical and emotional sensations and releases. Selome created a safe space with her positive and thoughtful energy, so when we had a chance to discuss post-session I felt at ease sharing my experience and feelings. Selome also explained how she felt during the session which I found really insightful. I'm still reflecting on the session, but it revealed the power of energy, and how connected the mind, body and spirit is. Selome is a great healer and I highly recommend her." - Sallem B.

"The purpose for my Reiki sessions with Selome are general healing and part of a comprehensive mental, physical and spiritual cleansing and wellness regimen. Selome takes the time to ask questions that allow for a focused direction in my treatment plan. I trust Selome to provide conscious, conscientious, compassionate care, and she does. Entering the treatment space, I immediately feel at ease. The reasons for my visits were based on circumstances of a specific time, but the outcome is universal. After every session, I feel a peace and freedom that persists. I strongly recommend Selome's healing services based solely on the effects that I continue to experience." - Rob M. 

"Working with Selome was exactly what I envisioned. I needed someone who brought a sense of grounding and serenity to the experience, and Selome embodies those principles. During the meetings prior to the birth, she went over vital and key necessities that I needed. Selome made sure to stay on track with me in terms of diet, exercise,  affirmations and other tools to help me along the way.  Closer to the end of my third trimester I was lucky enough to have a reiki session guided by her. In the session I felt a deep sense of relaxation and meditation. I felt at peace with my body and my baby. Selome's empathetic gifts guided me for a two hour journey. When it was time to go into labor, she was present and made me feel very comfortable as I had no idea what to expect. She set my hospital room up with candles, aromatherapy, music, photos of family members. During my contractions, she worked with my husband and my mother as they massaged me and breathed in a rhythm I could keep up with and supported me with moving my body to ease the discomfort. After the birth, Selome gave guidance and made sure to check in to see how I was managing. I had a few concerns with new motherhood and her reassurance put my mind at ease. I would highly recommend her services to any family, friend or colleague. Not only is she very committed to her work, she is also now a dear friend that I can reach out to. I am very excited to see where her career takes her as a healer and Doula. I can definitely see myself working with her again."  - L. Angel

"I came to Selome early in my pregnancy as a first time mother. I was experiencing a lot of anxieties that took over my ability to connect with myself and my baby.  Selome was warm and welcoming and I was almost instantly comfortable in her presence. I appreciated the time she took to listen, inquire, and share- helping me set an intention for our session together and after our session as well. My time with Selome was rich, enlightening, and healing and I was able to access a calm throughout the remainder of my pregnancy that I attribute to our session".  J. Lawrence

 "My daughter was still in the womb past the estimated due date. I scheduled a reiki session with Selome because I had been told that Reiki could assist me with my growing anxiety. My prenatal Reiki session with Selome enabled me to relax and create a mantra and way of being that I carried with me into delivery. Her knowledge of the expecting mother and baby's needs resulted in my increased comfort during the session and assisted me well beyond. Eight days later I carried the mantra and feeling into my labor and delivery and head a healthy little girl. I got exactly what I was seeking from my session with Selome".  S. Hralima