Healing at the Root

Transmuting Depression Into Your Awakening & Giving Birth to Your True Self

Moving through life struggling with what feels like depression and spiritual imbalance due to unhealed trauma, emotional pain, energetic attachments, or overpowering negative, debilitating thought patterns - can be a lot.

All the while presenting to the world, your family, and community as being “ok”, and maybe even “fully together” and "happy", but secretly feeling anxious, hopeless, and s u f f e r i n g on the inside, and not taking the best care of yourself. Perhaps you're also highly sensitive, feeling everything so deeply & also numb at the same time- in a fog and unsure how to get on the other side of it all.

Where the voices of fear and doubt from all you've endured and may still carry (and sometimes those that aren’t even yours) make you feel crazy sometimes, and disconnected from yourself, your self love, your true purpose, and the Divine. But maybe- also-knowing that something deeper is occurring.

Walking with heaviness, at the tipping point of it all falling apart. I know what this feels like, as I experienced it for many years. 

What we can’t always see is that we actually fall apart to fall into place

AND are perhaps having an acute spiritual crisis, where darkness in the soul becomes an invitation to release all that has kept us blocked and becomes a catalyst for us to awaken, unearth, and become aligned with the truth of who we really are & Fall deeply in love with ourselves. Where the struggle turns into a gift with infinite blessings. Where deeper spiritual awakenings and messages are being revealed. Where the self-healer in us is wanting to be born. 

Essentially, the old self is dying so the new and true one can emerge.

This is, a metamorphosis.

You may have tried many things and found that conventional medical methods of addressing mental health simply haven't been working for you. Often, the way health is held inside of the medical industrial complex isn't enough to address all of the layers of our being that need healing. This was my experience when I searched for ways to heal myself many years ago.

Welcome to Healing At the Root.


Here, as your guide- as both a healer and one who overcame my own struggles with this very method- I take you on a true pathway of healing: turning a so-called mental health disorder or imbalance into an INVITATION to  become your most true self,  aligned with your purpose. At Healing At the Root we go deeper through a comprehensive and holistic process to go into the root of the pain and then transmute it into light and power.  Addressing healing at the emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, energetic, cultural, familial, environmental, ancestral, and practical, every day levels. But sometimes the isolation that comes from these struggles makes it hard to stay committed to practices that we may know would help us, and receiving help is not easy.

One thing I know for sure:

“Healing Doesn’t Happen In Isolation”

In this program we work together on a consistent timetable so you don't have to do it alone. The process integral to my Healing At the Root Method is accessible, universal, and relatable.

On this journey my clients become active agents in their healing journey so they don’t have to depend solely on something outside of them or foreign to their body in order to heal. engaging in this process, You begin to see that healing is possible and that you can play a direct role in it happening with consistent action. And that the pain and struggle have come for very specific reasons. 

This work is sacred to me. I aim to create a space of safety, trust and non-judgement with each person I work with inside of this container. Offering reflections and insights with caring accountability and loving support. I help guide you to make clear connections between spiritual, emotional, mental and physical pain patterns (as well as familial and ancestral ones) and help you identify concrete methods to shift and heal them. I make the process relatable as I share parts of my story of healing my depression as well (more about that here).

The aim is for you to receive:

  • Clarity about why you’ve been in so much emotional pain and a clear path to heal it at its root

  • Courage to dive into this journey (the hero's journey!) and take excellent care of yourself

  • Get to the point where you’re grateful for the things you thought ‘would be the end of you’ - where the struggles become blessings

  • To be grounded in self, self-love, healthy practices, and your purpose for being here

“Our Darkness Can Activate Our Wings to freedom”

Beautiful things are activated when we free ourselves of things that have weighed on our souls for too long. Free from those debilitating thoughts and voices, connected unhealthy belief systems and habits; free from that stuck feeling that elongates suffering, free from feeling "crazy".

With this Healing At the Root Method I help you do this by working to break generational cycles and patterns + the impact of negative childhood experiences and ancestral imprints that may still be affecting you today.

The intention is to develop an individualized healing process that works for you and your unique struggles, journey and healing goals. TO TRANSMUTE THE KNOWLEDGE INTO REAL SHIFTS. 

In my Healing At The Root 6-month Program, I will:

  • Co-create an individualized healing plan with you that inspires you to take direct action in your healing journey at all levels

  • Assist you to co-create a beautiful life and a consistent self-care regimen for body, mind and spirit that become a new way of life

  • Provide you with:

    • Resources/tools/practices/exercises + lifestyle & behavior change tools and a plan to implement and track them

    • Spiritual Counseling & Intuitive Coaching

    • Reiki healing treatments

    • Continuous Support & Accountability Check-ins between treatments  

    • Spiritual guidance for mental/physical/spiritual/emotional health

    • To read more about the tangibles and deliverables of the Healing at the Root 6-Month Program go to the Services page. 

  • Assist you to:

    • Understand the spiritual root of depression and the higher purpose/reason/message for it all and its relation to your awakening 

    • Release and transmute trauma, depression, stagnation and buried emotional wounds

  • So you can:

    • Truly embody that powerful, strong, grounded, balanced, free, aware, insightful, healthy, happy and productive being you are

    • Become more clear on your soul-purpose

    • Become an alchemist/magician in your own life and create a NEW normal with healthy habits and belief systems

    • Be rooted in self love + spiritual truth, tools and practices to get through additional challenges that arise on the journey

If you’d like to connect with me to see if the Healing At The Root 6-Month Program can support you on your healing journey, please click here to apply for a complimentary Consultation Call.

To read more about the program, and my other healing services, please visit my Services Section. And to learn more about me, please visit here.

....like a marooned alien princess who existed partially in another dimension...
— junot diaz