"From our initial meeting with Selome, it was love at first sight. (Actually, I had meetings scheduled with two other doulas and canceled them because I knew right away that she was the right choice for us.) She made it very comfortable in the helpful meetings we had before the birth; she had compiled all the most important information for us and then went over everything carefully, thoroughly and happily answering all our questions along the way (and my husband asked A LOT of questions!).When it came to the actual birth, she was by our side the whole time. My labor process ended up being long; however, having her by my side made me stay calm, focused and positive. Despite not having slept, she maintained her sense of calm, joy and an unbelievable level of strength. She also had many different techniques she used to help me get through the contractions, including meditation, visualization, light exercises and movement, position changes, massages, coaching me with encouraging words, breathing support and more. She was encouraging through each one, even when my response was not as positive. My husband also greatly appreciated having her there, as she could help guide him in how to best support me (which he asked for) and could also give him a break. The two of them made an incredible team that I put all of my trust in. Even after the birth (and spending the night with us in the hospital), she checked in to make sure everything is okay and visited us at home and offered more support. I could go on and on about Selome, her skills, her warmth, and the love we feel for her... We could not be any happier with our choice to have a doula, and we appreciate Selome so much. She is a professional who is dedicated to your birth process from start to finish. If we have another baby, she's the first person we will call, and I highly recommend her to anyone wanting a sweet and gentle yet powerful woman by their side." - S. Aminmadani

"My husband and I met Selome through a doula collective in New York, and immediately knew that she was the right choice. Our first impression was that she had the perfect balance of warmth and kindness, along with assertiveness and courage. She immediately proved that first impressions are sometimes spot on! Selome is caring, intelligent, punctual, professional, compassionate, reassuring, supportive and willing to do anything above and beyond what one would normally expect from a total stranger. She balances her deep and wise spirituality with a firm understanding of the practical realities of the world. Working with her is easy because she's an expert communicator who knows that listening is job number one. She was a tremendous help in preparing our birth plan. During labor she was right there with me and made me feel extremely comforted and capable. She employed different practices that would help with the labor process. I really could not have done it without her! Post birth, it was amazing to have someone to discuss and process everything that had happened. It really helped me process all of the emotions and physical changes that took place. She even came and helped us in our frantic state having never cared for a baby before bringing ours home. Having shared this experience with Selome, we now consider her a part of our family. We'll never forget how much she helped us bring our first child into the world and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone with a baby on the way!"- A. Fletcher

"Meeting Selome was one of the best decisions I made regarding my labor. As I prepared for labor, I knew I wanted to have a great support person, besides my husband, during the hardest task that I would have to face in my life. 

From the moment that my husband and I met Selome, we knew that she was the perfect fit for us. She is very caring, spiritual, open minded, humble, and mainly supportive and respectful.  Selome made herself available at all times for us, she provided us with a lot of very informative material that helped us prepare for labor, as well as postpartum. 

On the big day, Selome came to my home during my early labor; she helped set a relaxing stage at home with music and aromas.  She encouraged me to exercise to get contractions going.  Together we took long trail walks in the park, danced Zumba at home, which helped bring my baby down. Selome made sure that I stayed hydrated and fed and rested when I needed. She also gave me amazing massages and tried to make me feel as relaxed and rested as possible. 

Due to our hard work at home, when I arrived at the hospital I was 5cm dilated. Since the progress  of my labor was much slower in the hospital, I decided to get an epidural due to my exhaustion. Selome was very supportive of each decision that I made and kept reminding me of the things and procedures that I wanted to have and avoid. 

In the hospital, she continued to care for me physically and emotionally. She was a great liaison between the hospital staff and myself. She was there for us from the beginning of my labor until hours after my baby was born. She also provided me with postpartum support. 

I feel very grateful to have her as part of my birthing experience and I highly recommend her for her caring and supportive personality." - J. Marek

"Having Selome as our doula was extremely helpful. When I met her at a doula meet and greet I intuitively knew she would be a good fit for us because of her calm energy and her more mind body-focused techniques to child birth which really resonated with me. Since this was our first child it was extremely beneficial for us to have someone to help us mentally prepare for the birth ahead of time. Selome’s prenatal visits were great as she explained things to us in a way that was easy for us to both understand. She also helped a lot with our birth plan by walking us step by step through an example of one, patiently explaining what each thing meant and she even provided us with a template that we could easily update which was super helpful especially since I was so busy planning other things and prepping for baby. She always made herself available if I had a question in between our prenatal visits.

I really loved how she made my boyfriend and I feel at ease and I feel having her as part of our birth team really helped give my boyfriend the support and confidence he needed since he knew that we would have her there as part of our birthing team. It definitely took some pressure of him while also allowing him to be an active participant in the birth of our child.

I had some fear around giving birth come up for me as the day got nearer so Selome helped me ease those fears by sending me birth affirmations, a mediation and she even did some reiki energy work a few weeks prior to my birth to help me work through some anxiety I was having.

On the day I started having labor contractions she came while I was still in early labor and she helped me work through the contractions with various postures, breath work, visualizations, mantras , aromatherapy and light massage. Having her around as my contractions got stronger and more uncomfortable was so valuable and she was right by my side the whole time helping me work through the pain especially when I felt I couldn’t take it any longer. She was a great labor coach to both me and my boyfriend who I think otherwise may have been a little overwhelmed when things got a bit more intense. It also provided him time to rest in between. She really listened to what I said I needed during the whole long process and made sure that my birth plan wishes were honored as much as possible by the hospital birth team. 

Another really great thing about Selome was that she checked in on me a few times after my labor and we talked a few times over the phone to help me process some things I was feeling and going through post labor.  You can tell she really cares about her clients and takes her job seriously but with a warm touch. I would highly recommend her and I am happy we chose her as our doula." -Angelica P.

"Working with Selome was exactly what I envisioned. I needed someone who brought a sense of grounding and serenity to the experience, and Selome embodies those principles. 

During the meetings prior to the birth, she went over vital and key necessities that I needed. Selome made sure to stay on track with me in terms of diet, exercise,  affirmations and other tools to help me along the way.  Closer to the end of my third trimester I was lucky enough to have a reiki session guided by her. In the session I felt a deep sense of relaxation and meditation. I felt at peace with my body and my baby. Selome's empathetic gifts guided me for a two hour journey.

When it was time to go into labor, she was present and made me feel very comfortable as I had no idea what to expect. She set my hospital room up with candles, aromatherapy, music, photos of family members. During my contractions, she worked with my husband and my mother as they massaged me and breathed in a rhythm I could keep up with and supported me with moving my body to ease the discomfort.

After the birth, Selome gave guidance and made sure to check in to see how I was managing. I had a few concerns with new motherhood and her reassurance put my mind at ease. 

I would highly recommend her services to any family, friend or colleague. Not only is she very committed to her work, she is also now a dear friend that I can reach out to. I can definitely see myself working with her again." - L.Angel



"I was pregnant with my first child when I met Selome. At the time, I was looking for ways to make a deeper connection with my baby and to develop a better understanding of my body. I was also seeking support for some difficult decisions I was making with regard to planning and preparing for the labor to come. Selome turned out to be exactly what I was seeking! The experience of energy healing with Selome was calming, peaceful, relational, and deepening. I felt that I could let go and feel supported and safe. She held the space really well, allowing me to open myself to the experience. In this state, I found greater confidence in my ability to make the difficult decisions I was facing regarding my birth with a stronger sense of truth. I witnessed my true being and that of my baby in a way that would have been impossible without Selome's support and guidance. I would recommend Selome most highly to anyone who is seeking relief, release, and guidance in finding your personal truth. She truly is a wonderful and gifted reiki healer"- A. Fletcher

"I came to Selome early in my pregnancy as a first time mother. I was experiencing a lot of anxieties that took over my ability to connect with myself and my baby.  Selome was warm and welcoming and I was almost instantly comfortable in her presence. I appreciated the time she took to listen, inquire, and share- helping me set an intention for our session together and after our session as well. My time with Selome was rich, enlightening, and healing and I was able to access a calm throughout the remainder of my pregnancy that I attribute to our session".- J. Lawrence

 "My daughter was still in the womb past the estimated due date. I scheduled a reiki session with Selome because I had been told that Reiki could assist me with my growing anxiety. My prenatal Reiki session with Selome enabled me to relax and create a mantra and way of being that I carried with me into delivery. Her knowledge of the expecting mother and baby's needs resulted in my increased comfort during the session and assisted me well beyond. Eight days later I carried the mantra and feeling into my labor and delivery and head a healthy little girl. I got exactly what I was seeking from my session with Selome". - S. Hralima