Monica E. 

"I've seen Selome a few times for reiki sessions and it has been quite powerful to get energy work from her. It is really easy to talk to her before the session. She's open and calm and she asks a lot of questions that help you get to what your intention for the session might be. She's really gentle and warm and her energy work is incredibly powerful. How I experience it is as warm energy currents traveling my body, constantly. The first time I got reiki from Selome I felt really happy and calm, as if a huge weight had been removed. I gained clarity about some things that were heavy on my mind. I also had a beautiful dream that evening that gave me much clarity about my healing path. The second time I saw Selome, I focused on physical manifestations of the stress I was feeling. For me, stress sometimes shows up as stomach pain. Selome spent a lot of time working on my center chakra and that helped a lot. That session was really beautiful because after she was done working on me, while I was resting, I felt spiral energy that traveled my body and a pull from my crown to the bottom of my spine, and felt as if my energy centers were re-set. I also noticed that my stomach no longer hurts! Since our session I have also been having a lot of dreams with beautiful pieces of wisdom ever since."

Isissa K.

"During my first Reiki session with Selome, I felt deeply cared for, comfortable, and safe. Her sacred space where the session was held was inspiring and brought me to a place of calm and relaxation as I prepared for my first experience with Reiki. At the time of our session, I was at a major time of transition and uncertainty in my life. I left the session feeling the deepest sense of peace and trust that everything was working itself out exactly as it needed to. The impact was much more clear and palatable than I had imagined it would be! During the experience and afterwards, it was like I had fully embodied my highest self here on earth, and experienced my own profound wisdom. Selome is truly a talented and loving healer. Even though we had just met, I felt genuinely cared for, encouraged and loved throughout the process. I could not recommend her any more highly!"

Dashira H. 

"My Reiki session took place in Panama in Selome's tranquil home healing space. It was my first time experiencing Reiki, so I wasn't sure what to expect! When I entered the healing space, I felt an immediate sense of calm; the environment was very soothing and welcoming. Selome explained to me what Reiki was and what may occur for me during the session. While she was treating me, I felt various sensations throughout my body and felt as if my spirit was being elevated. I had sort of an "out of body" experience. A little time after the session ended, I was still laying on the table and began to feel movement in my nasal and sinus area; it felt as if something was being pulled out. I woke up out of my calm state and burst into tears. Selome came over to me to ensure that I was ok, and I assured her that I didn't feel any sort of sadness. I felt as if I had released some heavy emotional weight that I was carrying and felt very cleared up; I felt a certain lightness after the session. But the best part is that the next day, for the first time in years, I didn't have to take my allergy medication! The movement I was feeling in my nasal area was apparently clearing up my allergies!  I also felt an overall sense of clarity and release in general. I can't say enough about this experience and how incredible it was. I'm a new fan of Reiki healing and would recommend Selome to anyone."

Conrado D.

“Immediately following my session with Selome, I felt an overwhelming and unconditional happiness, a very different feeling than I had prior to the session.  I literally could not stop laughing afterward. I felt weightless as if she had released a valve within me that controlled the pass-way to my inner joy.  It was unexpected and powerful. Selome was professional and nurturing.  She explained the process and explained what I might expect to experience.  She was kind and patient and allowed room for whatever may have come up.  Her energy is calm and peaceful and she is wise and most importantly I felt protected. After the session ended, she provided time and space for me to process what I experienced and explained to me the things she felt during our session, and what it meant. Selome is a healer, a sort of latchkey Goddess if you will, and can help you unlock the door to your inner peace and joy, and guide you along the way in your journey".

Lauren K. 

"This summer, I had my first Reiki session. After that, everything changed for me. I was drawn to Selome because I was curious about reiki and she had come so highly recommended. When I met her I immediately felt at home. She was patient in listening to the areas in my life that I wanted to work on, and really made me feel understood. During my reiki session I felt calm and fully present. It was incredibly interesting to feel Selome's energy around and over me. I felt energy charging through my body even when she was not touching me. It was a totally new feeling to sense energy course through my body. During my session I told Selome that I wanted to work on loving myself more. I had an amazing time during the session and in the weeks after, everything in my life started to shift in a big way. I faced oppression and emotional abuse in my everyday life that spurred me on to make some drastic changes that lead me to moving to a new city and starting a new life. On my journey to self love, through my work with Selome I learned more about what is important in life and was able to see my circumstances in a fresh and brand new way. Working with her opened up some big lessons I needed to learn. I'm very thankful for my time with Selome - everyone should meet her. When you see someone doing something that they were truly meant to do its awe- inspiring. Selome is meant to be a reiki healer and I consider myself fortunate to have been able to work with her." 

Din B.

"I have known Selome spiritually for years. I was thrilled when she told me she was moving to Brooklyn, NY. During one of our conversations she told me she was now a certified Reiki Practitioner, which excited me even more. I have had one session over the phone with someone before but I was really interested in having a one on one. I was invited to Selome’s home and as soon as I walked in I was blessed with soothing aromas. The space was very warm and comforting. My soul felt at ease. Before the session began Selome asked me where she wanted me to focus on my body and any concerns that were going on in my life that I needed help in. Once I laid on the massage table I felt at ease. She had very relaxing music playing that helped me feel more at ease. One of my biggest concerns is that I am constantly thinking and my mind is always wandering and moving, which was causing me to have insomnia. When the session began, I felt the energy circle around my head and felt pressure and release from my mind. I was actually able to fall asleep that night! After the session I started having vivid dreams and my emotions were so raw. I actually had to stay in the house for 2 days to write and release all of the energy. Since then I am a lot calmer and my thoughts do not run my life or my head. I cannot wait until the next session!!!" 

Natalie M. 

"In my reiki experience with Selome I felt safe, protected, and challenged (in a good way). The physical sensations I experienced during are still hard to name/describe. I remember a period where it felt like my arms were like sand bags and my chest/belly area was weightless. I was definitely surprised by the different sensations I felt and emotions that came up. Since the session, I feel calmer and more patient and gentle toward myself. I feel an openness in my right chest where I’ve had a lot of tightness the last few months and with that more ability to breathe into discomfort. Also, I’ve been thinking about the conversation we had beforehand. I feel like I was able to open up to the reiki much more than I would have been able to without it. I appreciated Selome sharing the parts of her journey that she could relate to in my story and especially the questions she posed to me. I am continuing to grapple with them. I feel so grateful to have had this experience."

Chante C.

"My reiki session with Selome was the first time I've ever experienced reiki energy work. I can truly say my time with her was nothing short of amazing. Selome's warm and caring aura made me feel like I was in a safe space and literally right at home. I could feel the loving energy radiating through her. During the session I felt a force moving throughout my whole body like the current of a body of water. It felt like I was tapping in to the spiritual realm and receiving a cleansing of sorts. I had to take a minute to come back down to earth after the session. I also appreciated how open she was to answering my questions about what was happening. That gave me a lot of reassurance and insight. Selome definitely has gifted hands and a beautiful spirit." 

Jitka K.

"I find sessions with Selome to be a transformative experience, she is truly remarkable and a genuine healer. After just 20 minutes of a sample session with her I could feel tremendous shifts within myself. The day after I was compelled to pick up a brush and paint which I have not done in a very long time. I returned for more sessions with Selome after that one. Not only do I receive reiki energy healing in a session that I can actually feel making a change in my physical body, but I am also able to enter into an altered state of mind and receive many answers as well as insights that are very helpful to my health and well being. The atmosphere of the room is very relaxing and Selome plays the most beautiful soothing music that helps you let go and open up."

Mercy C. 

"Reiki with Selome has opened my mind in connecting with my body in ways that I didn't realize were necessary for listening to my self and my soul. Discovering ways of being that can nurture my life force that I didn't have the awareness of and also didn't take the time to feel. During the sessions I have seen, heard and felt sensations that have allowed me to build a relationship with myself that is transformative. Selome's grounded and nurturing guidance allowed me to trust my own bodies wisdom and create room that has helped me listen to my intuition and create intentions that I am in the process of practicing." 

Ida C. 

"Selome's healing hands grounded me in such a loving safe way. Our session reminded me that I have everything I need inside of me to live a calm, balanced content life. She is magical! I am thankful for her grace, open heart and steady guidance. It was a tremendous honor to be given such space for sweet surrender."

Assefash M. 

"My mom and I had booked Reiki sessions with Selome at the Harriet's Apothecary Healing Village event in Brooklyn with no prior knowledge of her work or reference. We were immediately drawn to her genuine love for her work and openness to people. We left feeling relaxed and relieved by the opportunity to pause for a moment. I made another appointment with Selome, for myself, and ended up diving way deeper than I had the first session, deeper than I ever expected to during a Reiki session. I felt noticeably transported, my mind wandered and I noticed sensations in myself, pressures, heat, coolness, waves of energy flowing through my body, even elevation of my chest ( my heart, we later identified). It was quite a trip that she guided me through, so much so, that I fell into a deep relaxation and sleep that lasted for an hour and a half. Selome knows people and is very attuned to and honest about her own practice, which makes the space she creates feel safe and welcoming. Something I really appreciate about Selome is that she makes herself available to her clients after sessions have happened, which has been really important for me, because even two weeks after my last session, I am still remembering feelings and thinking through the experiences I felt during. I've returned more than once and highly recommend Selome!" 

Sallem B.

"I met with Selome for my first Reiki session and it was such a positive experience. I felt very comfortable with Selome, and I really appreciated how she explained Reiki and her process before we began. During the session, I experienced warm tingling sensations on my arms and head. My mind was racing with a bunch of thoughts, but then my head felt calm. The session was really beautiful, where my body underwent physical and emotional sensations and releases. Selome created a safe space with her positive and thoughtful energy, so when we had a chance to discuss post-session I felt at ease sharing my experience and feelings. Selome also explained how she felt during the session which I found really insightful. I'm still reflecting on the session, but it revealed the power of energy, and how connected the mind, body and spirit is. Selome is a great healer and I highly recommend her."

Rob M. 

"The purpose for my Reiki sessions with Selome are general healing and part of a comprehensive mental, physical and spiritual cleansing and wellness regimen. Selome takes the time to ask questions that allow for a focused direction in my treatment plan. I trust Selome to provide conscious, conscientious, compassionate care, and she does. Entering the treatment space, I immediately feel at ease. I consider Selome a sincere and true friend, and I am delighted and honored to be geographically convenient to support her practice and benefit from her experience. The personal reasons for my visits were based on circumstances of a specific time, but the outcome is universal. After every session, I feel a peace and freedom that persists. I strongly recommend Selome's healing services based solely on the effects that I continue to experience."

Zhaleh B.

"Since I live in the UK, I opted for one of Selome's Distance Healing Sessions. It was very easy to schedule and super affordable. At the appointed time, I laid down and did some deep breathing. I began to feel light pressure and movement along my neck and behind my ears, and a soothing clarity in my head. My whole being felt enveloped in a safe, loving space. I felt the muscles in particular problem areas begin to relax. I've honestly never felt anything like it. After the session was finished, Selome called me and talked me through the experience. She explained to me the sensations she had in relation to particular chakras and sent me information on how to continue working on opening those chakras between sessions. It was such a great experience and I'm looking forward to many more."