A Metamorphosis

You felt like you literally broke that day, those other days too, bones and all, literally felt them cracking. Under your breast, side left. 

You lost your ability to breathe, actually felt the air leave your body. You had to gasp for air, tears falling hard, and then you fell. Wondering if you were actually dying. You left your body for a moment, and then came back in it.

There was a lightness, things left, you knew. Felt the wounds alchemizing beneath your skin, the oversoul too. And then you knew, you didn't break (it didn't break you).

You broke open. In the rawest, most tender way. Even wider. You died again, multiple times, as you knew yourself to be. 

And there you were. Undone, purged, excavated, and re-birthed, re-meeting your t r u e s t essence, meeting freedom, expanded version 5.0. 

You remembered you.

Your power returned (the lights came back on). But brighter now. Self-love amplified. Biggest exhales of this life. You give thanks and keep love, for all of the ones, for all of the contrast. 

You invited it, remember? And it's beautiful. You let the pain heal you, transform you, free you. But no, it didn't actually kill you. It brought you home, cleansed you.

And we promise you this, you'll fly even higher now. Wings reaching their full ((expansion)).

(Inspired by a Twin Flame Dark Night of the Soul Experience)


This is A Remembering


The journey of the soul causes us to forget things we already knew.

So we can return and learn them again, to see how many times it takes, until...

Each lesson is a remembering.

The universe isn't playing tricks on you.

Just taking you on major trips (around the sun, and of your mind).

For your expansion, initiation, returning you home to your essence. 

You can laugh out loud or cry inside, or reverse the two because that's healthy too.

Be easy...