Soul Level Expansion

soul level expansion and transformation are not a game. years upon years this will be happening, it'll feel like we're dying a few deaths in one life time- and rebirthed a few too. this is ascension, unearthing from the core so we may (re)meet our highest self, the divine we. this work frees us for our liberation and wholeness, and it will not come quick, easy, or be understood by everyone. some of the things and people and beliefs and ways of being and identity we were once aligned with - may - shift; let it. we'll sometimes feel like we're in between selves- be there. surrender. trust. the other side is a mastery of lessons that we needed to learn, and a new one will come after each. as will super accelerated levels of growth and healing; sometimes it'll feel like the tangible manifestation/the literalness of a 'growing pain'. oh what sweetness the journey is. sweet as an onion with layers that keep getting peeled, each layer taking us to a new challenge and with each one overcome, we feel ourself expand. a trusted release of what no longer serves us or feels good. it'll be uncomfortable, a stretching out of who we used to be -but, who am i now? well, who were you? and who will you be? -hold on baby. this is a humbling, sometimes confusing, and spooky ride. laced with beauty too. may we find a clarity and clearing and peace and patience and self-love and joy through it all- and attract/embody exactly who/what aligns with where we are, every time. fall apart to fall into place. wrapped in the glory of the unravel, the freedom in becoming. coming home to you. activate and integrate the 3rd and 5th dimensions- the body with the soul-with no separation, fear, illusions, or ancient level barriers. they say it's why we're here, to journey back to self, back to essence as self.