The importance of having emotional, mental and physical balance during the birth process cannot be emphasized enough. In this light, I offer prenatal and postpartum Reiki healing treatments and guidance to balance the mind, body, and spirit and maintain a peaceful wellness throughout the journey.

Pregnancy is a sacred journey where the heavens kiss the blessed womb of the mother, while the journey of labor gives way to the stars birthing a divine soul. Pregnancy so beautiful and joyous has some moments that can make both mom and baby uncomfortable. When nausea, body aches, health matters or birthing pains arise, there are foods, herbs, techniques, and medications that can help soothe the sometimes difficult moments. A very ancient effective way of re-balancing an expectant mothers body is Reiki Energy Healing. The word” Reiki “combines two Japanese words Rei and ki which essentially means universal life force energy. This healing technique requires a Reiki practitioner to lay her hands on or above the body gently and allows the unseen life force energy flow through the palm of their hands to the recipient. This energy that is guided spiritually flows wherever it is required and helps balance and heal the subtle energies within the recipient’s body. It can be used to treat the whole body efficiently, using a simple, natural, and safe healing technique that has a beneficial effect on your mind, body, emotions, and spirit, bringing health and happiness. (Sourced from Cosmic Grove)

Reiki can be used safely for pregnant women. It does not cause any harm to the mother or her unborn baby, thereby making it safe to be used not only during all stages of pregnancy, but also during conception and child birth. The body of an expectant mother goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy; the energy balance in her body is under constant pressure, potentially making her “weaker” physically and emotionally. Taking a Reiki treatment during pregnancy helps balance her energies and cleanses body and spirit, helping her relax deeply and react quickly to all body changes and lifestyle. This is highly beneficial in helping her pregnancy to develop in a stable and natural manner. (Sourced from Cosmic Grove)