My view of postpartum care is that is a time to "mother the mother", essentially being available to support you in whatever way you need. My role as a postpartum doula is to provide holistic support to you, the mother, after you have given birth to your baby. It is widely practiced and understood in many traditions and cultures that a mother should be cared for in a myriad of ways following the magical act of giving birth, as the time after a woman gives birth is a sacred and delicate time. Being supported allows your emotional and physical body a chance to heal properly, alleviates your stress and workload, and can reduce your risk of postpartum depression - ultimately empowering you to care for your baby in the most powerful way possible. In essence, my aim is to care for you, and your house- hold, while you care for your baby - ensuring that you are whole in all facets of your body, mind, and spirit. The amount of time and type of support needed varies from mother to mother. My postpartum offerings include:

  • Breastfeeding support and education

  • Coordinating/Hosting of Blessingway Ceremony for mother prior to birth

  • Household Support: light meal preparation, house cleaning/laundry, running errands and other household needs

  • Nutritional Guidance: postpartum meal plans (including recipes) to replenish blood loss, increase energy levels, ensure emotional balance, and provide proper nutrients to support mother’s recovery

  • Post-Birth Physical Recovery: Vaginal Steam Bath administering for postpartum cramping, bleeding, and post-birth pain, preparation of Specialized postpartum herbal bath and tea mixes, support in addressing other physical discomforts

  •  Mothering: ensuring mother is rested, well fed/hydrated, supported, comfortable and nurtured

  •  Emotional Support: coping/relaxation techniques, a safe space to share feelings

  • Postpartum Reiki Energy Healing Treatments for mother

  • Assistance with Newborn Care

  • Sibling care

  • Referrals and Resources

  • Creating a calm and healing-centered environment 


Transitional Support Package I: Two visits a week for the first 4 weeks (totalling 24 hours). Visits are normally three hours each.

Transitional Support Package II : For those that want a little more support during those first four weeks, three visits per week for the first 4 weeks (totalling 36 hours).

Other options

For families not interested in any package, I offer postpartum care at an hourly rate.