transmuting wound to light, alchemizing pain into strength, we heal.
— us




As one who overcame my very challenging struggles with depression through a holistic and comprehensive healing approach outside of the medical industrial complex, and from the inspiration of one of my clients, I was moved to create a healing program to assist those seeking similar means of support. Coming from a space of deep understanding of the journey and using the tools that helped me to heal and my skills as a healing practitioner, my intention is to provide holistic healing  support to those in my community struggling with depression, darkness, and/or spiritual imbalances, all of which I struggled with for many years but ultimately journeyed through completely. More on my journey can be found here.  

I am increasingly coming into contact with people unsure of how to move through these struggles, which has many names, faces, and manifestations. People come seeking an alternative option for overcoming this pain, and have expressed that existing models don't always work for them. My intention is not to knock down existing medical responses to mental health healing, but to offer a different response-one that incorporates spiritual and energetic healing as well as mental, physical and emotional-a holistic one that involves healing from the root, transmuting wounds into light, deepening practices, and shifting ones lifestyle to align with the intention to heal. And a knowing that perhaps something more is trying to emerge. It took me a while to accept this in my own journey, that even though I felt "crazy"- mental &spiritual health imbalances don't simply mean that one is "crazy". Often times something is emerging, coming through...needing to be embraced, released, transmuted, aligned and addressed in an integrative approach rather than seen as a negative and ignored or subdued. Often, there is a higher purpose for it all. It may even be "the birth of a healer", as explained by Malidoma Some', a traditional priest from Burkina Faso. Either way, the deep struggles we feel are usually the birth of something greater within, and that something is different for each person. Our darkness can sometimes literally activate our wings, and set our spirits free, and be a catalyst for a deeper spiritual awakening process to unfold. 

I had to do a lot of searching and piecing together to create my own personal healing plan. I want others to not only know what's possible, but have access to everything in one place, and ongoing support along the journey. While this comprehensive holistic response helped me heal, it definitely did not come quickly, nor am I claiming that it was a breeze to do so. I also cannot guarantee that it will help everyone. I can only speak to what I know to be true, what is possible, what helped me. If you are reading this and feel moved to explore this work to support your own healing, please review details of the comprehensive healing treatment program here and send me a message to set up a complimentary consultation.