This comprehensive program consists of the following (where applicable):

  • tailored healing program co-created to reflect your specific needs and healing intentions

  • 2 spiritually guided counseling sessions with Reiki healing treatments per month

  • 2 check-ins for support, accountability and tracking progress, processing feelings, shifts, releases challenges that arise (in between counseling/reiki sessions)

  • spiritual insights on depression, darkness and attachments; understanding the transformation process and dark knight of the soul journey

  • identification of underlying beliefs, blocks, past pain, trauma and fears - and practices to release them

  • techniques on working with your ‘child-self’

  • identifying root causes of depression and anxiety and identifying which habits keep them at bay; support with creating new habits and practices- Shifting unconscious patterns and replacing with new, conscious and positive ones

  • connecting deeper with guides and ancestors and the divine self

  • identification of soul lessons and karmic/familial patterns

  • guidance on foods & herbs to support positive mental health (and those to avoid)

  • support with diet & life style changes, behavior modification actions, reducing/removing toxins

  • identification and development of consistent well-being and self-love practices

  • identification and development of exercise regimen and other daily practices

  • development of an accountability system and how to create and utilize support team

  • development of mantras and affirmations

  • self chakra balancing tools

  • how to utilize nature and the elements for healing

  • empathic/sensitivity managing tools

  • release rituals and ancestral healing support

  • support with development of spiritual practice

  • understanding life purpose and meaning

  • provision of resources, referrals and writing exercises


In order to track progress and to increase chances of effectiveness of treatment, a 6-month to 1 year commitment is advised.