Reiki Healing & Spiritual Counsel Sessions

Possible Benefits of Reiki Energy Healing

Reiki has many benefits, and can naturally restore the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical imbalances that we may have been walking with during this lifetime. Reiki is used for stress reduction and relaxation and also promotes physical and emotional healing and releasing, and helps one experience spiritual insights. Some benefits of Reiki may include: 

  • Understanding/connecting to the root of emotional pain and feeling the release of it from where it is energetically stored in the body

  • Recalling + purging stored childhood wounds and beliefs

  • Improve mental, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being

  • Providing relief from stress, anxiety and depression

  • Relief from minor or chronic aches/pain

  • Alleviating manifestations of trauma

  • Increased ability to connect with guides and ancestors

  • Aids in sleeping and addressing insomnia

  • Releasing energetic blockages/stagnatio

  • An increase in your energy level

  • A deep feeling of relaxation

  • Calming and quieting the mind

  • Restoring positive functioning of the body

  • Leading one to spiritual insights

  • Alleviating addictions

  • Feeling more joyful, happy, peaceful, and centered

  • Balancing support for mental and emotional health

  • Alleviating symptoms connected to depression and anxiety

  • Boosting the immune system and clearing allergies

  • Expanding inner awareness and clarity, making sense of ones purpose

  • An increase in self love

  • Decreasing fear, doubt and worry

  • Healing the energy pathways

  • Accelerating the body's natural healing abilities

  • Clearing toxins and negativity

  • Increasing creativity and production

  • Deepening spiritual awakenings and connections

  • Activating ancestral connection and healing in the lineage

  • Shifting negative/debilitating thoughts to positive ones

  • Releasing toxins from body

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient, energy & spiritual hands-on healing modality that activates the natural healing abilities within the body. The concept of energy healing was once a common practice amongst humans. And in many parts of the world, energy healing is still widely practiced.

It is guided by the understanding that there is a life force energy that flows through each of us. Whenever there is a stagnation or low levels of this life force energy, this can manifest in illness or imbalances in the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical bodies. Reiki helps to unblock this energetic stagnation by channeling the universal life force to the main 7 chakras of the body (the main energy centers in our body). Through Reiki, the chakras have the potential to be re-aligned and balanced, with varying types of shifts felt in your body, mind, and spirit, restoring healing, harmony & balance. A Reiki practitioner helps to guide and support the flow of energy going exactly where it is needed in the body for restorative healing.  

Reiki often opens up a portal within, ignites our intuition and inner clarity, connects us deeper to the spirit world, deeper to ourselves, and essentially can unlock our own magic. It is a return to the essence, a return to the understanding that we are energy, and honoring this energy has the power to support us in healing, wholeness, and happiness. Reiki can clear out the blockages that may have been impeding the ability to live a harmonious and healthy life.

My first experience receiving Reiki many years ago greatly impacted me. After the experience, something in me was unlocked and ignited, and my personal healing journey was set in motion. Reiki has reminded me that magic is real, and that once tapped in, we have the power to shift and heal many things in our selves, and this world-something the planet desperately needs now. 

Healing Sessions

Reiki Healing Session - In Person (2 hours)
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What Can I Expect During My Healing Session?

Your healing session will be 120 minutes. Before we meet, I will encourage you to set an intention for your session and your larger healing journey. We will have a consultation space prior to the Reiki treatment where you may share what you are moving through in your mental, spiritual, emotional and physical bodies. We will work together to identify connections and where you need healing, both conscious and unconscious and ground deeper in your intentions. Everything discussed in your session is confidential.  

During your Reiki healing treatment, you will be in a calm and low-lit environment, and lie fully clothed on a massage table. I will place my hands lightly on your body, moving over your main chakra energy points. When we begin, you'll likely feel a calm and relaxed feeling come over your body. Trust and deep surrender are key when receiving energy work, allowing the spiritually guided energy to flow where it's needed. Each person is nurtured and honored in a way that supports their personal healing journey. 

What one experiences in a Reiki session changes from session to session and person to person, and can vary from light to profound. You may feel a tingle, energetic movement, vibrations, a radiance flowing through your body, or a warm or cold energy emanating from my hands. You may fall into a deep relaxation, and you may even fall asleep. Some people have the sensation of floating, some feel energy leaving their body, some feel that they are drifting in between dimensions, some feel as if they are in a dreamstate and have visions of varying sorts. Some may feel a tightness and then an unlocking, an emotional release that could result in tears-or laughter.  Sometimes ancestors and other guides show up and visit people with direct messages and touch. Sometimes what is experienced is quite subtle inspiring shifts nonetheless. The spectrum is wide and vast, and even greater than the examples listed here. The most important thing to do is surrender, let go, and trust, trust that no matter what occurs, a shifting has occurred on some level.  For some, the effects of Reiki can be felt immediately, while for others the effects may not be seen for a couple of days. The important thing to remember is that Reiki goes to where it is needed, and is the opening of a portal within and deeper connection with the spiritual realm. Whatever is needed in the moment is received. 

After your session is over, we will have time to talk about what you experienced and what came up for you. I offer insights as to what I discovered during the treatment and how you can continue taking care of yourself and clear out your chakras moving forward.

How many sessions should I do?

This is a common question I receive from my clients. I leave this decision up to you. Whenever you feel guided to return is a great opportunity to receive Reiki again. However, it is important to note that while some effects are immediate, for more chronic or deeper rooted concerns (such as depression, physical ailments, trauma, etc.), more ongoing work may be necessary, both with a practitioner and through ongoing practices. In these instances, some people choose to continue to receive more energy work on a consistent basis.


What To Expect During Your Distance Healing Session

Reiki can be shared whether you are in the same room as the practitioner or not. During a distance session, you can be in the comfort of your own home or another quiet place that you choose. I suggest that you be quiet and still while the treatment is taking place.

Upon booking a treatment session, clients will be asked to fill out a form prior to the session, that will allow you to explain what you've been experiencing in your mind, spirit and emotional and physical bodies. We will work together to identify where you need healing, and any blocks you may have whether conscious or unconsious. This form will need to be submitted to me at least 24 hours ahead of your scheduled treatment time.  Prior to the session, we will have a brief phone consultation and check-in, so that we check in briefly prior to beginning. 

After your session is over, there will be an opportunity to briefly discuss what you experienced and answer any questions you may have, as well as provide insights as to what I discovered during the treatment and how you can continue clearing out your chakras moving forward. 

Pregnancy Reiki + Postpartum Reiki Healing Sessions

The importance of having emotional, mental and physical balance during the birth process cannot be emphasized enough. In this light, I offer prenatal and postpartum Reiki healing treatments and guidance to balance the mind, body, and spirit and maintain a peaceful wellness throughout the journey, and engage in a deeper connection with the baby inside of you. 

a return to essence
— truth

Note:  Reiki is a complementary healing modality and cannot cure severe illnesses, diseases or injuries.

Reiki is a harmless, safe, and non-invasive treatment.