holding space for the sacred
— birth guardians



The concept of the doula has always and continues to exist in many traditions around the world. A doula is guided by the principle that women hold up other women, that birth should not be done in isolation, but in community. The women elders, the healers, the medicine women, community members or family-the women who support other women before, during, and after childbirth, they are the "doula's of birth" in these communities. It is beautiful to see, and be a part of, this concept being revived in the US- a practice I have seen to be commonplace throughout the world.

As birth is a rite of passage, and a deeply sacred time, it is understood that being supported during this time ensures not only a positive, nurturing and safe birth experience for mama, but also helps baby to have a safe and peaceful passage into this realm. It has been found that having a doula can increase the chance of positive birthing outcomes and decrease the chance of risks, c-sections, and the need for/amount of medical interventions. The way a child comes into this world truly plays a role in the earliest stages of life and development, which extends well into the journey. As a doula, I've been blessed with the honor of being part of the welcoming committee for children entering this dimension. 

Doula's provide ongoing physical, emotional, spiritual, and educational support and guidance to the mother before, during and after birth. A doula helps a mother actualize as many of her desires for her birth as possible by providing information about the birthing process- and her options- and serves as a personal advocate along the way. 

Doula's help mama's move through discomfort, intensity and fears with a variety of tricks and tools-and a lot of love- and ground her in trusting herself, her body, and her intuitive power. Doula's create a nurturing and comforting environment during the birthing journey in which all of this can be possible. Doula's hold space and nurture as mother is in her most vulnerable, raw state~ reminding mother of her own strength and power. 



A doula is an empty vessel. Whatever is required of us, we are present—for the mother, for the father, for the family
— erykah badu

As a doula, I am committed to "mothering the mother" in whatever way she needs, offering unwavering support and nurturing care catered to her. I support mothers in being empowered participants in their birthing journey, and provide them with the necessary resources and support to make this a reality.