Labor & Birth Support PACKAGE

I hold initial complimentary consultations to get to know one another, discuss your birth visions- and my offerings- to allow us to decide if we would like to work together. Once decided, support includes the following:

  • Ongoing phone and email availability to discuss any questions or concerns and help move through fears related to your pregnancy and birth
  • 2-3 -in-home prenatal consultations including childbirth education, birth planning and labor and birth preparation. Providing you with the information, resources and tools to create your individual positive birth experience (prenatal consultations detailed below)
  • Attendance at 1 prenatal doctor visit (optional)
  • On- call support from 35 weeks until delivery
  • Complete labor and birthing day support (joining you at home once active labor starts and full time support for entire duration of birth at hospital or home) (labor and birth day support detailed below)
  • Immediate postpartum support 
  • 1 in-home postpartum care visit (additional support available if needed; postpartum support outlined here)

Prenatal consultations include:

  • Overview of the stages of labor and birth: from prelabor to placenta
  • Birth Preferences: assistance with developing your birth preferences, to help communicate your birth desires to your providers 
  • The Signs of Labor: what to look for, what to do, and when to do it!
  • Overview of medical interventions and your options regarding inductions, pain relief and other interventions
  • Review of natural intervention methods
  • Guidance on preparing your body for labor and birth including nutrition, exercises, and emotional preparation
  • Comfort measures/pain relief techniques: for late pregnancy, labor and birthing stages
  • Support techniques for partner/labor companions
  • Preparing for the hospital: what to take, logistical plans, when doula will arrive, etc
  • Overview of birthing positions to increase comfort and ease
  • Tricks on getting baby in position
  • Babymoon: preparations for first days home with baby and how to support your body's post-partum recovery
  • Resources: for all things related to pregnancy, labor, birth, postpartum baby care and mother's postpartum healing
  • Staying in Peace: Techniques for releasing fear and remaining in your power for labor and delivery

Labor Day & Birth Support Includes:

  • Joining you at your home when labor begins or when you need me (or meeting directly at hospital)
  • Joining you on ride to hospital to support moving through labor during travel
  • Ongoing support no matter the duration of your labor (if it extends beyond 36 hours, I may call in back up doula)
  • Working as a team with birth partner(s) and encouraging partner to take lead when comfortable
  • Support varies from mother to mother as per her needs and from moment to moment
  • Listening to what is needed - both expressed and non-expressed
  • Support includes an array of physical comfort techniques including ongoing counter pressure and massages, movement such as dancing, walking and yoga positions, guidance with changing positions and usage of birthing tools, breathing guidance and breathing in solidarity, emotional support, verbal encouragement, coaching, hydration and nourishment, cooling and heating as needed, water therapy, encouraging rest when necessary, pushing guidance and presence
  • Answering questions that arise regarding medical interventions to support decision-making in hospital
  • Non-judgmental support in helping you reach medical decisions as birth unfolds
  • Setting a soothing, peaceful environment to create a sense of calm in both home and hospital
  • Working with nursing staff to ensure your ongoing comfort and that needs are met in hospital setting
  • Spiritual support (if desired) including meditation guidance, visualization, Reiki healing, mantras, aromatherapy
  • Ensuring placenta is set aside and reaches placenta encapsulator (if desired)
  • Remaining in hospital for two hours after baby is born to provide immediate postpartum support


labor & birth support "ritual" package

  • Everything in Labor & Birth Support Package (outlined above)
  • Planning/Hosting of Mother's Blessingway ceremony (prior to birth) 
  • 1 Prenatal Reiki healing session at 35 weeks
  • 1 Postpartum Reiki healing session after birth of baby